VAT registration in Finland


In 1994, Finland adopted regulations on value added tax (VAT) in line with those in force in the European Union. The exception is the exclusion of the Åland Islands from the EU tax area. However, the same Finnish VAT rules apply in internal trade between the Åland Islands and the rest of Finland. Only in relation to other EU members Islands are treated as territory in a third country.

The basic VAT rate is 24 percent. There are also two reduced rates that apply to the following goods and services:

  • 14 percent for groceries, excluding live animals, catering services, drinking water, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products

  • 10 percent for medicine, books, cinema performances, passenger transport, hotels and other housing services, entrance fees (theaters, circuses, music and dance performances, sporting events, zoos, museums and other similar events and institutions).

VAT registration in Finland for companies:

Foreign companies can register for VAT purposes in Finland without having to set up a local company, i.e. you can register as a non-resident. There is no VAT threshold in Finland for registering foreign entrepreneurs. However, an application for a VAT number must be received by the appropriate department no later than 30 days from the first taxable supply. This also applies when foreign companies make intra-Community supplies of goods. If you know that you need to register VAT in Finland, do not hesitate and contact us and we will help you.

When is VAT registration in Finland required?

imported goods sent to the European Union via Finland;

purchase and sale of products in Finland;

warehousing goods in Finland;

sale of goods from Finland to other EU countries;

sending goods between and to another EU member state (intra-Community supplies)

⇒ organization of live events (conferences related to art or education) in Finland;

⇒ own delivery of goods.

How can I register VAT in Austria?

Application for VAT registration to be completed via the public administration page in Finland (Veroskatt). Foreign taxpayers who do not have a permanent residence or permanent establishment in Finland only receive a Finnish VAT number if they apply for it separately and if they provide goods or services to Finland. The VAT application form must contain the reasons and a detailed description of the taxable transactions in Finland.

What documents do we need to register VAT?

In order to register a foreign company for VAT purposes in Finland, we need the necessary documents to do so. These are usually documents such as:

a questionnaire on the occasion of which the taxpayer’s registration number was given (Y1, Y2, Y3);

copy of an excerpt from the commercial register (KRS);

original certificate of registration as a taxpayer (entrepreneur)

if you need help with registration, contact us.

Do you have any questions about VAT registration in Finland?
Do you have any questions about the Finnish VAT registration for your company? Not sure if your company must be registered for VAT in Finland? If so, contact us via our contact form.
Country CodeFI
Local VAT no.FI + 8 characters
Mail order threshold35 000 € netto yearly
Submission of VAT returnsmonthly and quarterly
Annual declarationNo
Waiting time for registrationsUp to 2 months
Standard VAT rate24%
Reduced VAT rate14%   10%
European Union Member Stateyes, since 1994