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Accessible Design

Accessible Design

Thanks to the clear design, the operation of the system is intuitive.

24/7 Online Support

24/7 Online Support

The system works 24/7 and you can easily control the ongoing processes.

Quality in one product

Quality in one product

The system offers all the solutions that are so important in the proper overview and control of sales.

Powerful software

Powerful software

Thanks to our system, you will increase your company's productivity.

The Tick System

Get ready for the best sales solution -

we deliver sensational Software as a service

Our system is a fully proprietary software tailored to suite the needs of the largest platforms on the market. It has been created and constantly improved since 2012. Every day we develop its capabilities to meet modern standards, new challanges, and the needs of the dynamically developing e-commerce market.

Therefore, our innovations include not only technical improvements, but also the creation of additional functions that are reported by customers. Platform bo.tick.com.pl is an ideal solution for integration among others with platforms: AmazonAllegro, EmagWordPressShopify and others.


Our Services

What makes us stand out?

Our strength is the excellent knowledge of Amazon, acquired in the course of cooperation with this service, during which we dealt with its effective service. Out system was initially created mainly to support the Amazon platform, which is one of the most extensive and demanding on the market.Our system is so resilient and flexible that we are able to adapt its operation to the needs of each company, depending on its requirements. Our offer is created individually, after conducting a long-term interview with the client, which allows to determine the needs of a given company.

Integration with Amazon FBA

Due to the well-developed integration system with the Amazon FBA platform, it is possible to create shipments, control inventory, confirm receipt of products by Amazon, track returns of goods, or refunds from Amazon, e.g. for a damaged product in a warehouse. Undoubtedly, it is important to create sales reports, reports on returned products, or Amazon payout reports.

Support sales from many sources from one place

The functionalities of our system allow you to handle orders from multiple sales sources. That is why every order, thanks to integration, reaches one system space.

Order manager

It supports orders from multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Allegro and others in one place.

Product warehouse

The ability to easily find a product by EAN, SKU, ASIN or product name. Having an internal SKU to which the SKUs are mapped on different platforms. In this way, you will obtain the ability to control the statistics of individual products, or to check inventory levels. There is also a so-called 'black list of products' - for those goods that for some reason should not sell or have a negative customer assessment.

System for invoices - small accounting in the EU

Our system has been adapted to all EU sales requirements, thanks to which it is possible to issue invoices with various VAT rates, which in turn allows you to settle tax for individual EU countries. The invoicing system allows you to issue sales and correction invoices. Additionally, the system is integrated with many accounting programs. It also allows you to generate sales, invoice and financial reports.

Auction price synchronization

Prices and inventory levels are updated daily or as per customer demand across all platforms, based on sales made on any of them.

Order Status

Easily control the flow of orders, which is why you will be easily track their status. This allows you to see if your order is being processed, whether it has been approved, whether it has been canceled, whether there has been a refund or partial compensation.

Integration with couriers

The solution allows you to automatically add tracking numbers to the orders, which will also be visible to the customer. In addition, the customer receives information about a change in the shipment status. The order details can be exported directly to the courier's system.

Bulk creation of listings

The ability to import inventory databases to the system and export the inventory items in a csv file allows you to update prices, inventory levels and other item details.

Stock synchronization

Stock on sales channels is synchronized with the built-in stock in the TICK System. Thanks to this, there is no need to manually update them on each platform after each order.

Automatic communication with the client

It enables the creation of e-mail templates informing about the acceptance of the order, product shipment, or requests for service evaluation, which are sent to customers at set intervals.

Internal communication system

Team communication is even more effective thanks to the internal system, as a result of which the control of the flow of orders or the processing of product returns from customers is easier and we you will not miss anything.

Would you like to work with us?

TICK is a system that will support your business and you in the fight for even more sales. It will increase the efficiency of your work and will save you time and money. We guarantee that you will achieve your targets and goals with us!

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We provide the best solution for your business

Using Amazon doesn’t have to be that complicated. See what extraordinary solutions our system can provide.

Pricing Plans

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Basic Plan

30 / Month
  • 30 days trial period
  • 2 sales platforms
  • Initial setup support
  • up to 100 orders / month
  • Every additional order 0.20€/order
  • Up to 100 products
  • Every additional product 0.20€/product

Middle Plan

60 / Month
  • 30 days trial period
  • 5 sales platforms
  • Initial setup support
  • Up to 500 orders / month
  • Every additional order 0.10€/order
  • Up to 200 products
  • Every additional product 0.10€/product

Premium Plan

120 / Month
  • 30 days trial period
  • 20 sales platforms
  • Initial setup support
  • Up to 1500 orders / month
  • Every additional order 0.05€/order
  • Up to 500 products
  • Every additional product 0.05€/product

ou can purchase additional technical support for each plan

  • 2 hours/month > 100€ | answer < 4 working days
  • 4 hours/month > 200€ | answer < 2 working days
  • 8 hours/month > 300€ | answer < 24 hours
  • Additional technical support - 100 € / hour

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