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Registration in the One Stop Shop (OSS) system

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Registration in the OSS system

System One Stop Shop (OSS)

One of the main features of the EU VAT changes in 2021 is the newly extended One-Stop-Shop VAT system, which aims to reduce the VAT compliance burden on online sellers. How does the new scheme work in practice? How can you benefit from it? If so, what responsibilities will you be obligated to? If you cannot find the answers to these questions contact us.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are a company with many years of experience, we have been operating on the market for 10+ years. We approach each client with great care.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We support each client individually.

What do we offer?

We offer you a number of solutions related to online sales. Thanks to the experience gained and foreign sales activities, we were able to expand the range of services we offer.

What do we offer?

System to support e-commerce activities, VAT registration in European countries, Amazon account reinstatement and more.

What is the new One Stop Shop (OSS) system?

OSS is a web portal, developed on the basis of the existing Mini One Stop Shop, which allows internet companies to report certain EU B2C deliveries in one Member State. Therefore, a single quarterly payment and VAT declaration will be payable for OSS supplies, not multiple local declarations and endless payments.

From many to one VAT registrations

As an e-commerce company, you would historically have had to register for VAT with multiple tax administrations. OSS allows you to register with the system in one Member State. The government is then responsible for distributing the relevant amounts of VAT that you report and pay each quarter to the different Member States where your customers are located (so-called “consumption Member States”).

This provides a significant simplification for companies that may no longer need correspondence with many tax offices.

Extended circle of program users

Along with the extension of MOSS to OSS , more taxpayers will be able to benefit from the simplification of VAT reporting.

Indeed, the existing extra-EU system will remain adapted to non-EU companies – including UK traders. At the same time, the new Union-OSS service will be available to EU and non-EU companies, including online trading platforms.

Not only is the MOSS system being expanded to allow more taxpayers to use different systems, it is also being expanded in scope to allow additional deliveries to be reported through the portal.

Which transactions will be covered by the new OSS scheme?

The new OSS schema will enable reporting of:

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