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Years of experience in e-commerce and running a business.

We have been in business for 10+ years. We owe our beginnings to work in e-commerce departments in the Czech Republic, then we transferred this knowledge to our own company and started selling on Amazon. Initially, the company made its profit from sales. In order to automate all processes related to the operation of sales platforms, we have created a proprietary system that has improved many sales-related processes. Foreign sales forced us to register VAT in various Member States. Thanks to the knowledge gained on the Amazon platform, as well as our work, we are able to offer you the services as below.

Our Services

With 10+ years of experience

we offer the following services

VAT registration in the EU

If you sell to foreign markets and your sales exceeded the threshold of EUR 10,000 in a given year, or you are using Amazon FBA services, find out what regulations may apply to you.

Amazon Reinstatement / Appeal Service

If for some reason Amazon has blocked your account and you are not sure why? We can help you.

Amazon Account Audit and Consultation

Do you sell via the Amazon platform? It seems to you that a lot of things are still unclear? Perhaps you have questions regarding a new requirement? We can help you dispel any doubts.

Sales and inventory management system from multiple sales channels

Do you sell on several platforms? Do you need help to systematize and automise your workflow? Are you always behind on your to-do list, maybe you forget about certain task? Our system can help you to improve all processes, our skilled team will come up together with you a tailored solution to fit your exact needs.



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