Improved and extended Amazon FBA New Selection programme

Amazon began to offer monthly storage and disposal in March in its Amazon FBA New Selection Programme to facilitate the sale of new products through FBA. Merchants seem to like this program, so Amazon has improved and extended the FBA New Selection program. They increased the number of new ASINs to 500 per seller in the calendar year. They also added a limited time free return service for selected product categories.

Professional sellers with no inventory storage limit may be eligible to use Amazon FBA New Selection. You can check if you have a limit here, learn more and sign up for the FBA New Selection program here .

Of course, given that the FBA closed the incoming shipments for a month and postponed the delivery dates of products already in the FBA by a month, due to the huge number of necessary articles that they sent, one should think about how much the seller should rely on FBA, when so everything changes during a pandemic. Seller Fulfilled Prime is an option (if you can meet Amazon’s stringent requirements), but otherwise having stocks that you can send yourself will guarantee that you’ll be able to continue selling regardless of the variables in the FBA.

What are the benefits of the Amazon FBA New Selection program?

  • Free monthly storage

  • Free removal (return to seller)

Sellers registered in the program may benefit from fee exemptions up to a maximum of 500 FBA ASINs they have created. All eligible ASINs are eligible for free monthly storage of the first 50 units sent to Amazon fulfillment centers for 90 days after receiving the first unit. 

You can then “remove” any of these first 50 units within 180 days of receiving the first asset without removal fees.

  • Free returns processing for four product categories

For clothing and accessories, footwear and handbags, jewelry and watches, the FBA will abolish the fees for processing returns of up to 50 items for each ASIN that customers return to the fulfillment center within 120 days of receiving the first inventory.


  • Discount on delivery

Sellers who are new to FBA may opt out of the first £80 inbound charges if they use the program Amazon Partnered Carrier shipping. 

ASINs do not have to be new to FBA to get this benefit.

The ASINs qualification program for Amazon FBA New Selection

To qualify for the New Selection program, parent ASINs must be retained, such as:

  • New vendor in FBA

  • Received at the fulfillment center after April 1, 2020

  • Standard size

  • In new condition, and not in the Media category

To get the benefits of the new FBA selection, you must register for the program before sending new ASINs to the fulfillment center and must maintain proper status . (Participants in the monthly storage and removal fee promotion ending March 31, 2020, are included automatically in the new programme.)

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