Functions of Tick system

What makes us stand out?

Our strength is an excellent knowledge of the Amazon system acquired by being a seller on Amazon since 2013. During this time we focused intesively to establish a very effective way of dealing with the platform.

The TICK system was initially created mainly to support the Amazon Sales Platform, which is one of the most extensive and largest platform on the e-Commerce market.

Our system is so resilient and flexible that we are able to adapt its operation to the needs of each company, depending on its requirements. Our offer is created individually, after a many-hour interview with the client, which allows determining the needs of the company.


Below are the most important functions of our system.

Sales support manager

Order Manager

It supports orders from many accounts such as: Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Allegro and online stores in one place.


Order status

Easily controls the flow of orders, which is why the customer can quickly check their status. This allows you to check whether the order is being processed, whether it has been approved, canceled, whether there has been a refund or partial compensation.


Support Internet Sales from many sources in one place

The functionalities of our system allow to handle many orders


Integration with couriers

A solution that allows you to automatically add parcel numbers for tracking, which will also be visible to the customer. In addition, he always receives information about a change in the status of the shipment, and the data submitted with the order are exported to the courier's system.


Integration with Amazon FBA

Due to the well-developed integration system with the Amazon FBA platform, it is possible to create shipments, control inventory, confirm receipt of products by Amazon, track product returns, or refunds from Amazon, e.g. for a damaged product in a warehouse. Undoubtedly, it is important to create sales reports, reports on returned products, or withdrawal reports from Amazon.


Bulk auctioning

The ability to import databases into the system and export in a csv file that allows you to import prices, together with inventory levels for a given platform.


Product Warehouse

The inventory can be searched found by EAN, SKU, ASIN or product name. Each item is assigned in intern SKU to which SKUs on different platforms are mapped. In this way, you are able to see detailed statistics of individual products or check inventory levels. There is also a so-called "black list" of products - it may contain good which for some reason should not be sold or have negative customer rating.


Stock level synchronization

Synchronizes the stock levels between all sales platforms. Thanks to this, there is no need to manually update them after each order.


LIsting/Auction price synchronization

Prices and inventory may be updated once a day or according to customer demand on all platforms, based on sales made on any of them.


Automatic communication with the client

It allows you to create e-mail templates and setup auto-emails informing customers about the acceptance of an order, shipment of the product, or requests to evaluate the services that are sent to customers at set intervals.


Invoice system - EU accounting

The TICK system has been adapted to all EU sales requirements, thanks to which it is possible to issue invoices with different VAT rates, which in effect allows you to settle taxes for individual EU countries. The invoicing system allows you to issue sales and correction invoices. In addition, the system is integrated with many accounting programs, including the most popular - Subiekt. It also allows you to generate sales, invoice and financial reports.


Internal communication system

Team communication is even more effective thanks to the internal system, as a result of which the control of order flow or the processing of product returns from customers is easier and you can be are sure that you will not miss anything.