EU VAT Registration

EU VAT registration – how to register VAT in Europe?

Are you a Polish or foreign company? You sell through, among others The Amazon platform and is EU VAT registration important for you? Are your transactions taxed abroad? You have exceeded the required sales thresholds for a given country?

In this case it EU VAT registration is necessary in a given Member State of the European Union. For this reason, to get accurate information about whether you need to register, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the information available that can be viewed on the site European Commission. You can also contact us.

Then we will help you register VAT in a given Member State or we will direct to the administration page of a given State and from the information contained on the site you will get the necessary answers to your questions. You can get advice and help of a TICK representative so that registration is quick and easy.

A Tick representative is responsible for:

⇒ Collecting the necessary materials that are needed for registration;

⇒ Accurate and thorough invoice analysis in consultation with the company’s accountant;

⇒ Information on the tax situation in a given country;

⇒ Compliance with reporting and submitting monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns;

⇒ It is also possible to show how a company should declare VAT in a given country.

How do you get a foreign VAT number through Tick?

All you have to do is contact our specialists and they will direct you on how you should register your VAT. You will receive the necessary information on how to do this. Below is a brief description of how we operate:

Collecting information and analyzing the situation;

⇒ Registration and receipt of a foreign VAT number;

⇒ Verification of purchase and sales invoice amounts with the company’s accountant;

⇒ Submission of VAT returns.

Description of the procedure:

Our specialist thoroughly checks all invoices, both purchase and sales, based on generated reports. Then, in consultation with your accounting, we receive the sums of all purchase and sales invoices issued for a given country.
In the next stage, the VAT declaration is submitted by us in a given office, using secure tools and servers. Of course, you will receive a monthly summary of the declarations made, so that it is clear that they have actually been submitted.

When can we not avoid VAT registration?

It may happen that VAT registration in a given country will be necessary and you can not avoid it. We present these cases below:
the mail-order sales threshold has been exceeded in a given country;
⇒ you store your products in a country other than Poland;
you purchased or delivered goods from another member state.
If you have any questions regarding VAT registration in a given country, we will of course help. Do not hesitate, contact us via our contact form.