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Tick 15th July 2020 0 Comments

Countries around the world are beginning to respond to the global crisis caused by Covid-19. They are beginning to introduce tax breaks to support the economy, which has already been strained by the crisis. Below we present

Tick 15th July 2020 0 Comments

France is to impose mandatory electronic invoices on B2B transactions from January 2023 to 2025. This will include pre-approving sales e-invoices via the government's "Chorus Pr" website before sending to the customer. This solution already works for

Tick 10th June 2020 0 Comments

LOWERED VAT RATE IN GERMANY In an unexpected statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and several high-ranking cabinet members announced on Wednesday late evening (June 3, 2020) the introduction of a temporary reduction in German VAT rates. The