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Tick 20th April 2022 0 Comments

Recently, the European Parliament called on the Commission to "opt for the expansion of e-invoicing and called for a harmonizing [sic] standard for e-invoicing in the EU" [1]. This idea seems to be supported by many EU

Tick 6th April 2022 0 Comments

Once approved by the EU Council, nothing will stop the system from being implemented. Important : This system has been operating in Poland on a voluntary basis since January 1, 2022. How does the KSeF system work? Structured

Tick 20th March 2022 0 Comments

Guidelines for small businesses to join e-invoicing and e-reporting before January 2026 The French General Directorate of Public Finance has confirmed the status of small enterprises willing to voluntarily start implementing French e-invoicing from July 2024, and