Was your Amazon account suspended?

Amazon is currently the key and most important source of sales on the e-commerce market. We know very well how important its role is, and thus how difficult requirements must be met to remain on it. By selling on Amazon for over 8 years, we have managed to get to know this marketplace very well. Our experience gained during this time allowed us to develop the appropriate model and system, which has become one of the most effective on the market.

Unfortunately, Amazon also blocked us many times, which meant we had to write dozens of appeals in order reinstate our account. The experience gained in those difficult times has also allowed us to start helping other companies to assert their rights. We can boast 100% efficiency of our activities, thanks to which many companies could return to selling on Amazon.

In our opinion it is not worth trying to resolve such disputes by yourself, especially without any experience. In order to reinstate your account as soon as possible, contact us and we’ll help you to return to selling on Amazon. It is as simple as contacting us.

Why was my Amazon account suspended?

This could be due to one of the following reasons:

linked Amazon accounts, connection(s) to another account;

inauthentic product;

expired items;

issues with account verification;

counterfeit products;

order defect rate above 1%;

late shipment indicator above 4%;

cancellation rate for orders not confirmed above 2,5%;

products not as advertised;

⇒ sale of prohibited items;

copyright infringement.

Are we able to help in the above situations?

Yes, of course, we will evaluate your suspension on Amazon and let you know if we can help with reinstating your account. Usually, checking the information takes an hour after receiving all the data. In most cases we will need to see a copy of the original email from Amazon about suspension, a copy of the appeal (if you have already submitted it), correspondence to and from the reseller account performance team, as well as feedback, policy warnings, complaints and any other information regarding “your” data. If we can help you, we will call you and discuss further action plan. The service will be paid in accordance with the price list in the pricing section.

Further appeals from Amazon will not be subject to further charges if Amazon requests them. We will also provide a full set of instructions on changes to be made to the seller’s account, and a thoughtful and well-written action plan. It should be noted that we approach each case individually, we look at it in detail, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

What do we charge for?

All fees can be found on our services page. Rates vary depending on the individual suspension case and its complexity. Each client receives a strategy tailored to his needs and one that will reinstate the account.

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How long does it take to prepare the appeal?

Due to the fact that we offer various options, our time frame is from 12 to 48 hours to examine the case, therefore it takes an additional 3 to 7 days to generate the final appeal. We are well aware of how frustrating waiting for cancellations is and therefore we will do everything so that you do not wait longer than you have to to resume selling on Amazon.

Can I write my own appeal?

Of course you can. Everyone loves to save money. Given that there are quite a few pages and forums that show you how to do this, you can follow their advice, but dealing with the whole process can prove to be simply too difficult and time consuming. Sometimes you will have to write several appeals that will keep you from reactivating „Your” Amazon account, which may be frustrating. Therefore, we think it is best to have someone who understands the appeal language and has experience to write an appeal letter to Amazon.


How long will I wait for my Amazon account to be reinstated?

The time it takes to reinstate the Amazon account depends on the difficulty and complexity of the case. Sometimes it might take a day or less. The longest waiting time is 3 months, however, we were usually able to unblock accounts from 2 weeks to a month.



EUR 250 (+ VAT)

All types of suspensions

Dedicated manager

Account analysis

Appeal is prepared within 7 days

Recommendations for account management


EUR 350 (+VAT)

All types of suspensions

Dedicated manager

Account analysis

Appeal is prepared within 3 days

Recommendations for account management


EUR 500 (+VAT)

All types of suspensions

Dedicated manager

Account analysis

Appeal is prepared within 24 hours/48 hours

Recommendations for account management