With us your work will be much more effective. You do not believe? Let us tell you a little bit about ourself.

Who are we?

TICK Ltd. has been on the market for 8 years. The beginnings of our activity were based on sales mediation, mainly through the platform Amazon. Thanks to continuous development, we have been able to extend our offer to other foreign platforms. Starting our adventure with trading on Amazon, we also decided to create system, which improves work and increases sales efficiency. We strive to improve it all the time so that our clients can achieve their goals, and their work brought excellent results and became much simpler and more enjoyable.
It should also be added that through numerous restrictions from the EU and Amazon, we also help companies in EU VAT registrations to countries such as: Austria, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Czechia and France. At the same time, thanks to the experience gained, we provide the service to help reinstating an Amazon account.


There are a number of principles that guide us from the very beginning. Here they are:


We present our offer and conditions in such a way that it is most understandable to the client. We also provide assistance in the selection of the most suitable solution for your store to increase its sales efficiency.


We are a team that has been on the market for 8 years. During this time we have gained the knowledge we need in the industry e-commerce to be able to offer you the highest quality services.


Due to the fact that our company’s employees are qualified specialists with many years of experience, they will certainly adapt the functionalities of the system created over the years to your needs.


We put the customer’s needs first. Undoubtedly, dialogue is important for us, thanks to which we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer.


Our help consists of several stages.

1. Initial stage

In this part, we familiarize ourselves with the client’s business and define the needs and requirements together, and discuss the best solutions that are documented. As a result, we get a full picture of the needs of the client.

2. Analyzation stage

We begin the planning of the implementation of customer assumptions based on collected materials in the initial stage.

3. Implemenation stage

Previously collected materials allow us to implement them.

4. Test stage

All activities performed at the first testing stage are only a technical test and do not affect the final shape of the product. In this step, we apply the necessary corrections eliminating technical errors. This is to optimize the system’s operation.

5. Implementation stage

As part of the system implementation, we implement fully the mechanisms agreed during previous analysis, including integration with existing systems. A precise implementation schedule is prepared after the analyzes are completed.

6. Final stage

Automation in this area allows us to eliminate errors, so that the customer receives a fully functional solution ready to work.


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