A damaged product box? Amazon warns sellers against selling returned products in poor condition.

Damaged product box - Amazon warns

Amazon issued a warning regarding product sales conditions. He emphasized that goods sold as new must be new. Even a shabby box is enough for many Amazon customers to consider the product to be used. Amazon insists on considering sales of products as new returned from their own customers.

Amazon provided information about products and auction rules in a few details via the “the seller central”. In this way, Amazon wants to contribute to trouble-free shopping for its customers. That they would receive products in accordance with their requirements. He also encouraged to familiarize himself with the rules of selling goods, to keep the seller’s account healthy and to avoid suspension due to customer complaints.

Probably these rules are mainly directed at those sellers who do not obtain goods directly from producers or wholesalers. It is well known that many online sellers make purchases from various suppliers. Some suppliers buy pallets of returned goods for resale. However, selling returns as new is not always a good idea. If the product is the result of a failed delivery, it may be in perfect new condition. However, if the buyer has opened the box, it is likely that such a product will not be considered by the Amazon customer as “new”. Amazon strongly disagrees with the sale of such products. 

“When you’re listing your products, make sure they’re new or used. Items listed in the “New” condition should arrive in a completely new, unopened condition, with no signs of damage or wear. Sellers receive a “Used sold as new” complaint when buyers complain that items received appear to be used, even if the item was replaced in a new condition. Customers can see the product as being used if the product packaging has been opened or dropped off. If the product contains previous user data or if the product shows signs of use, such as scratches, dirt or scratches.”
– Amazon

Checklist of 5 points by Amazon to avoid returns as new – Amazon suggests asking yourself five questions to determine if there is a risk of selling returns as new

  1. Acquisition – Do you acquire a product from a trusted supplier who sells products in a new condition?

  2. Description – Is the product thoroughly described on Amazon and in good condition? Have you made sure that there is no ambiguity and that the customer is well informed?

  3. Packaging – Is the product in the original manufacturer’s packaging listed on Amazon? Is the packaging strong enough to remain intact throughout the chain from manufacturer to customer?

  4. Shipment – Have all appropriate steps and quality controls been taken to ensure that the product is properly stored, packed and shipped and that it will not be damaged during transport?

  5. Returns –  When handling customer returns, do you ensure that your product still meets the “New” guidelines before returning it to your inventory? 

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