TICK is a system that facilitates online sales management and integration with the most popular sales platforms such as Amazon, Allegro and many others. In addition, it also has functions:

- sales manager;
- sales support from many sources;
- integration with couriers;
- invoicing system - simple accounting in the EU.

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internet sales management

Online sales management

Managing online sales has never been easier! Thanks to our system, you have the chance to significantly simplify and speed up your work on many different platforms at the same time, which will allow you to focus on building more important aspects of your business.

Sales support manager

Sales management

Are you tired of switching numerous windows and checking different sales platforms? We have a solution for you! In our TICK system you have at your disposal a sales manager panel in which you have access to all stores and sales accounts. A simple and convenient solution for sellers who are struggling to operate several online stores on different platforms.


Sales support from many sources in one place

Has your business started? Do you sell simultaneously on Amazon, Allegro, Fnac and Cdiscount? Our system will allow you to handle all incoming orders in one place! Increase the efficiency of your work with our system!


Integration with couriers

Cooperation with couriers is not always the easiest. Additionally, customers are constantly demanding for the waybill number. Exhausting? Not with the TICK system! We offer a solution that automatically adds tracking numbers to the respective sales platform. In addition, customers are kept up to date about their shipments via customizable email notifications.


Invoicing system - simple accounting in the EU

The TICK system has been adapted to all EU sales requirements, thanks to which it is possible to issue invoices with different VAT rates, which allows you to settle taxes for individual EU countries. The invoicing system allows you to issue sales and correction invoices. In addition, it can be integrated with many accounting programs, including the most popular - Subiekt. The system also allows you to generate customizable sales, VAT and financial reports.


Customer Relationship Management

Do you have any questions about our system? Qualified customer service employees are happy to answer all your questions.

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