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We provide a system solution

We provide a system solution

TICK is a system that facilitates online sales management and integration with the most popular sales platforms such as Amazon, WordPress, Shopify.

We register VAT

We register VAT

We provide fast, efficient and hassle-free VAT registration.

We unblock Amazon Accounts

We unblock Amazon Accounts

The account is thoroughly analyzed to make the written appeal as effective as possible.

Audit, training in Amazon operation

Audit, training in Amazon operation

Check how you can operate the Amazon platform even more effectively, we will help and advise you.

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we provide the best solutions for your company

Settlement of VAT declarations in European Union countries

Establishing VAT numbers in European Union countries and settling VAT returns

Sales and Inventory management system

Multiple-source sales support

Amazon Account Reinstatement and Auditing

Writing appeals to unblock Amazon accounts

Our Services

We provide support for your Sales

Sales Management

Sales management has never been so easy!

Sales Management

Thanks to our system, you have the opportunity to significantly improve the operations of your store on multiple platforms at the same time, which will also translate into higher turnover.

Sales from Multiple Sources In One Place

Do you sell on Amazon, Allegro, Fnac and Cdiscount at the same time, or other platforms?

Sales from Multiple Sources In One Place

Our system will allow you to handle all incoming orders, from many sources, in one place! Increase the efficiency of your work with our system!

Invoicing System - Accounting in the EU

The TICK system has been adapted to all EU sales requirements, thanks to which it is possible to issue invoices with various VAT rates.

Invoicing System - Accounting in the EU

The invoicing system allows you to issue sales and correction invoices. Additionally, it is integrated with many accounting programs. The system also allows you to generate sales, invoice and financial reports.

Sales Support Manager

Are you tired of switching between multiple windows and navigating across multiple sales platforms?

Sales Support Manager

In our system you have at your disposal a sales manager panel, where you can have access to all stores and sales accounts. A simple and convenient solution for sellers who struggle with servicing several stores in different places.

Integration with couriers

Cooperation with couriers does not always have to be the easiest.

Integration with couriers

Our solution allows you to automatically add tracking numbers to the orders, which will also be visible to the customer. In addition, the customer receives information about a change in the shipment status. The order details can be exported directly to the courier's system.

Customer service

Do you have any questions about our services or system?

Customer service

Qualified customer service employees will be happy to answer all your questions, dispel any doubts and help with your problems.


How do we work?

Our system implementation assistance consists of several stages.


Initial Stage

In this part, we get acquainted with the client's business and together we define the needs, requirements and discuss the best solutions that are documented. As a result, we get a complete picture of the customer's needs.


Assessment stage

We start designing the solution based on the details collected in the initial stage.


Build Stage

The information collected earlier allow us to implement them and build the solution.


Test Stage

All activities performed at the test stage are only a technical test. In this step, we make the necessary corrections to eliminate technical errors. This is done in order to optimize the system operation and build a robust system.


Implementation stage

As part of the system implementation, we fully implement the mechanisms agreed during the previous analysis, including the integration with existing systems. A precise implementation schedule is prepared after the completion of the analyzes.


Final Stage

Automation allows us to eliminate errors, thanks to which the client receives a fully functional solution ready to work.


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